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Hulu Free Trial: How to Get a Free Hulu Subscription

Hulu Free Trial: How to Get a Free Hulu Subscription

We all agree that no one wants to sit in front of the TV to watch their favorite shows? It is a fact that the world has evolved, and now we want everything at our fingertips. We want something that we can use on our cell phones anywhere and anytime. Isn’t it?

Are you also bored of your cable connection and want something new and exciting entertainment powerhouse? Then Hulu is a lifesaver for you. Do you doubt it? Then keep reading this article, and by the end, you will agree with us.

What Exactly is Hulu?

Let’s start with a bit of intro to Hulu. Hulu is an online streaming platform that is based in the US. Hulu made a phenomenal entry into the world of entertainment on 29 October 2007. Since then, Hulu has never failed to entertain its subscribers. Hulu has a lot to offer its subscribers, from films and movies to series and dramas, with 65 channels available for its customers.

Hulu has everything that one can ask for. Now, you might be thinking, is it worth buying the subscription to Hulu? Well, Hulu has made it quite simple for its customers by offering a free trial that can help you decide whether Hulu Originals content is worth bingeing for you or not. Let’s discuss Hulu Free Trial in detail and how you can get one for yourself.

Hulu Subscription Base Plan and What it Offers

Plan Features
Hulu (No Ads)Hulu Hulu + Live TV
Price $14.99/ month$7.99/ month$69.99/ month
Ads NoYesYes
Shows Exclusive series, hit movies, Originals, kids shows and more.Exclusive series, hit movies, Originals, kids shows and more. (With ads)Access 75+ channels with Live TV, Unlimited DVR, endless entertainment with Disney+ (With Ads), live sports with ESPN+ (With Ads), and award-winning Hulu originals with Hulu (With Ads).

Hulu Subscription Bundle / Save and What it Offers

Plan Features
Disney Bundle Trio PremiumDisney Bundle Trio BasicHulu (No Ads) + Live TV
Package Hulu Disney+ ESPN+Hulu Disney+ ESPN+Hulu Disney+ ESPN+
Price $19.99/ month$12.99/ month$82.99/ month
Ads YesYesNo
Shows Access live sports with ESPN+ (With Ads), endless entertainment with Disney+ (No Ads), and award-winning Hulu Originals with Hulu (No Ads).Access live sports with ESPN+ (With Ads), endless entertainment with Disney+ (With Ads), and award-winning Hulu Originals with Hulu (With Ads). Access 75+ channels with Live TV, Unlimited DVR, endless entertainment with Disney+ (No Ads), live sports with ESPN+ (With Ads), and award-winning Hulu originals with Hulu (No Ads).

How to Get a Hulu Free Trial?

In the past, Hulu offered its subscribers a 7-day free trial on Hulu Live TV. But, now, the company has converted it to 30 days to let its subscribers enjoy and dig deeper into Hulu. Still, you can access Disney Plus and ESPN Plus without extra charges. If you are a student and buy a $1.99 per month package, you won’t get a free trial. At the same time, others get an open opportunity to enjoy a free trial of Hulu.

Newcomers get a free Hulu trial to enjoy Hulu originals content. The free trial of Hulu depends on the package that you choose. Subscribers have full freedom to make their subscription with or without ads with a mega 30-day free trial. Sounds interesting, Right!

How to Subscribe to Hulu Free Trial?

It is way too easy to subscribe to Hulu Free Trial. But if you are still having an issue while doing so, don’t worry; just follow these easy steps and start bingeing your favorite series. Here is a step-by-step guide for you to subscribe to a free trial for Hulu.

  • Firstly, visit a Hulu Website on your device.
  • You will see the option “Get One Month Free.”
  • Click on that option.
  • Enter your correct and valid billing information.
  • Start enjoying your free subscription.

You won’t be charged a single penny during your first month’s free trial at Hulu. Once you complete a free month, Hulu will start charging on your valid credit card according to the streaming plan that you choose. Yet, even after your first month’s trial, you have full freedom to cancel your subscription anytime without any hustle.

How Do I Cancel My Hulu Subscription?

The 30 days will be enough for you to decide whether Hulu is worth your money or not. We are 100% sure that Hulu will be successful in entertaining you. Still, if you don’t feel that way, it’s okay. You can cancel your Hulu subscription anytime. Now, if you are new and having a hard time figuring out how to cancel your subscription, then follow these steps, and your subscription will be canceled immediately.

  • Visit the Hulu Website
  • Login your account
  • Go to settings
  • Select “Cancel my Subscription”
  • Put your reason to do so
  • And you are done

Follow these steps, and the Hulu team will cancel your subscription, and you will get a confirmation message in your email. If you are thinking of canceling your subscription, try to cancel it before the last day of your 30-day free trial. Otherwise, you will be charged for the next month according to the plan you selected while logging in to Hulu. You know what to do!

What is the Cheapest Subscription Plan for Hulu?

Do you want to know the best yearly plan to help you enjoy two more months free on Hulu? You do, Right! Then you must consider the famous Hulu Yearly Subscription at the rate of $59.99 only for a whole year. Plus point, you will get to enjoy two more free months on Hulu with a free 30-day trial. Surprisingly shocked; yes, it is a deal worth considering.

You can subscribe to a $5.99 per month package on Hulu that includes ads on it, or you can subscribe to an $11.99 per month package without ads. It depends on your budget. If you are a student and can’t afford much, that doesn’t mean you don’t get anything on Hulu. Hulu has something to offer to anyone, and for students, it has launched its $1.99 per month subscription to keep them binged on.

If you have a good budget and want to enjoy a premium subscription to Hulu, then you can select the Hulu $69.99 per month package. You will get access to Hulu live broadcast, Hulu Live TV, access to Hulu 65 channels, Disney Plus Subscription, ESPN Plus, unlimited movies, series, dramas, and much more.

What Do I Get to Watch On Hulu With Free Trial?

Hulu has unlimited content, and it might get a little tough for you to choose what is best. It is best to go with recommendations from the viewers. Are you a Selena Gomez Fan? Yes, who isn’t? Then you can start watching the Hulu Original TV series “Only Murders in the Building.” It is a mystery killer story, that once you tune in, you won’t be able to turn off.

You get to watch the award-winning “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “The Dropout”, which are worth watching on Hulu. Hulu knows how to make horror stories in the deadliest ways to enjoy, so if you are into horror movies, try Hulu. There are 40 plus American horror movies and stories like Sons of Anarchy and Fargo available on Hulu that will give you goosebumps.

And if you are a documentary fan, even then, you don’t have to worry because Hulu has the best documentaries for you to tune in to. It is recommended that you start by watching Greta Thunberg in I am Greta. Or watchword by word documentation on The Handmaid’s Tale with Margaret Atwood. So what are you waiting for? Go to Hulu and start watching!

Do I Get any Extra Services on Hulu?

Hulu offers additional services to make it a better experience for its subscribers. The additional services are paid services that you can get easily, but they are pretty affordable. Here is a list of extra services with their charges for you to select.

  • Hulu Subscription (No Ads) – $6
  • Hulu with Live TV Subscription (No Ads) -$6
  • Unlimited Screen Subscription – $9.99
  • Enhanced Cloud DVR – $9.99
  • Unlimited Screens with Enhanced Cloud DVR – $14.98
  • Entertainment Add Ons – $7.99
  • Español Add On – $4.99
  • Sports Add On – $9.99
  • Max – $14.99
  • Cinemax – $9.99
  • Showtime – $10.99
  • Starz – $8.99

Which Devices Support Hulu Streaming?

Are you thinking about what devices are compatible with streaming Hulu? Let us make it simple for you. Here is a list of devices that are supported by Hulu.

  • Apple TV Devices
  • Android Devices
  • Amazon Prime
  • Amazon TV devices
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • LG Smart TV
  • Roku

How is Hulu Better than Other Streaming Platforms?

As a customer, the first thing that comes to your mind is the package of the streaming platform and which platform is better for streaming. Now, we have multiple options in the market available, and you might be familiar with them. Let’s compare Hulu with other streaming platforms to make it easier for you to select, and you will be amazed to know some facts about Hulu.

Hulu offers a low-cost monthly package that is unbeatable. No one is offering unlimited content at such low prices other than Hulu. The famous platform Netflix has now launched its new and lowest subscription plan for $9 to compete with Hulu’s low plans. However, Hulu is still ahead of them as it provides subscriptions starting from $5.99 per month.

The second most famous streaming platform is Amazon Prime, and we all love to watch their content. But you will be amazed to know that they are not able to beat Hulu at prices yet. Amazon Prime offers a package of $12.99 per month, and if you are buying for a whole year, you’ll get a small discount, which will be $9.92 per month. The Amazon Student deal offers a subscription as low as $4.92 per month. On the other hand, Hulu offers that at $1.99. So, students, what do you think? Which one is better? Undoubtedly Hulu.


Now we will answer a few questions that people mostly ask.

Will the Hulu 30-day Free Trial renew my subscription automatically?

Once your free trial ends, Hulu will start charging you for its services according to your monthly plan. Hulu will automatically charge their fee from the credit card you provided in your billing information while creating your account.

Can I get a Free Trial without Billing Information?

No, that is not possible. You have to give your valid billing information before starting your free trial on Hulu. But you can always cancel your Hulu subscription to avoid any charges in the future.

Can I get Access to Hulu for free on Roku TV?

No, unfortunately, Hulu is not free on Roku. Even if you want to access Hulu on Roku, you have to pay Hulu separately.

Does Hulu have a free trial?

Yes. Depending on the plan you choose, Hulu offers a 30 days free trial for it’s Base Hulu and Hulu (No Ads) plan. The Hulu + Live TV does not have a free trial

Does Hulu have a 30 days free trial?

Yes. Hulu offers a 30 days free trial on it’s base Hulu and Hulu (No Ads) plan. After 30 days days, you will be charged $7.99/ month or $14.99/ month depending on your sign up plan.


Hulu is one of the finest streaming service out there with best shows like Kindred, Welcome to Chippendales , Fleishman Is in Trouble , Schitt’s Creek, Ramy, Abbott Elementary, Atlanta, The Handmaid’s Tale, and many more.

While it’s pricey compared to it’s competitor like Peacock and Netflix, the bundle option gives you access to Disney+ and ESPN+ which greatly compensate for the extra money you have to pay.